Amouage Attar Salamah Oil perfume 12 ml

(Code: 174-Salamah 12ml)

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Salamah Attar Oil perfume Amouage 12 ml perfume the name means Peace in Arabe the World Famous Attar Concentrated Perfume Oil exclusive new launch SALAMAH Oil perfume .
Salamah Attar Oil perfume Amouage uniquely different with its exquisite and exotic long lasting fragrance this perfume has made Amouage famous the world over now available at the best price in our website !
Ingredients scents : Taifi Rose, White Musk, Bergamot, Hey, Frankincense and Cambodian Oudh Oil . A sweet Oudh woody, floral fragrance, with Rose, bergamot in the top notes, Taifi rose and frankincense in the heart notes based on white musk hey and oudh oil exotic and oriental perfume .
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